confronting assault, harrassment and discrimination in the coffee industry

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#coffeetoo is a grassroots community project created in October 2017 by a group of concerned individuals that directly experienced or witnessed discrimination in the coffee industry.

On January 5th, 2018, eight women filed a sexual misconduct suit against Four Barrel Coffee. They stated that owner Jeremy Tooker had sexually harassed and assaulted his employees. That their management, including owners Jodi Geren and Tal Mor, had silenced them. When they complained of being harassed, they were told, “Don’t talk shit” and “Don’t start drama.”

Faced with evidence and multiple witnesses, Tooker immediately divested his shares and left the company. Geren and Mor admitted they did not act, when they knew of Tooker’s behavior. They publicly apologized, and announced that they too would leave the company. They retired Four Barrel’s entire brand. And they announced a plan to relinquish their shares in the business to their employees.

This is the power of talking shit. This is the power of starting drama. In support of these eight women, #coffeetoo is continueing this work.

Discrimination and sexual harassment in the coffee industry must end. We're here to talk shit and start drama against sexual predators and unsafe work environments.

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It is Our Mission to...

Talk Shit

We plan to host a series of events focused on these crucial topics within the coffee community.


We are producing educational materials in layperson's terms on your legal rights in and out of the workplace.


We are committed to helping you know what recourse to take should your rights be violated!


It's important to know how to take care of ourselves if we are put through unwanted or traumatic situations, and We've got you covered!

A Pocket Guide to Your Rights

Have your rights been violated or has your welfare been undermined at work? We’ve got you covered with some First Steps to take if you find yourself in a hostile or discriminatory work environment. You’ll find information about low-cost mental health resources and tips for supporting yourself and/or others both during and after untenable working situations.

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Code of Conduct Template

This Code of Conduct template is ready to be tailored to your company’s needs and should be considered a starting point for setting up your employment policies.  This Code is intended to give employees clear procedural guidelines for identifying and reporting violations.

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